• Question: What information will I need to schedule an appointment?

    Answer: When you call to schedule your first appointment, please have the following information available: Type of Injury, Date of Surgery, Physician's Full Name, Dated Prescription, Insurance Card, Policy Holders Date-of-Birth, Patients Date-of-Birth,
  • Question: What should I bring to my first visit?

    Answer: Please bring: Doctor's Referral (if required), Prescription for Treatment, Insurance Card, Drivers License or Photo ID
  • Question: Are you able to treat my condition or injury?

    Answer: Every patient is treated by a licensed professional Physical Therapist. Seven of our Physical Therapists are also Board Certified Hand Therapists. These strong professional qualifications and our in depth experience enable us to provide comprehensive evaulation and treatment for a wide range of conditions, problems, and injuries, including the neck, back, and lower extremity as well as the upper extremity/hand.
  • Question: How many sessions will I need?

    Answer: The number of visits required will depend on your symptoms and the course of action prescribed by your physician. On your initial visit and evaulation, the Physical Therapist will provide you with a course-of-treatment and a timeline necessary to accomplish your goals
  • Question: Are all "Hand Therapists" alike?

    Answer: No! A person identified as a "hand therapist"... who is not designated as a Board Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), has NOT demonstrated that he or she has the required qualifications to be board certified through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.